Back to 9Mares

I managed to get my own 9mares (9p.nmare.net) 9front instance running, and have compiled Go, NetSurf, and the Theme patch on it! I have a Raspberry Pi 0 that I'd like to turn into a terminal for it however I need to find my USB OTG adapter first. Since I backed up everything I had on 9p.sdf.org I was able to add my user and start 9Mares off where I was on 9sdf! Hopefully I won't be destroying the process table anymore lol


Going Mobile

In addition to the Plan9 bootcamp which is in progress, I'm starting to get into "mobile hacking". Entirely in the GNU meaning of the word, I've acquired a pair of TMOHS1 devices and have rooted them. I've also ordered two Google Fi SIM cards to put in them to see what I can do with access to an always-on Android device (The TMOHS1 runs android under the hood). Maybe I can make a mobile Plan9 battlestation even? Who knows!


First Plan9 Post

I am posting this from Plan9 (then signing it from SDF) using the ACME editor! I've been taking some time to set up my lib/profile, lib/riostart, and now I even have a working Go 1.18.3 compiler! So far I've only managed to compile code which doesn't require git but I do believe git works on plan9, I just have to get my profile set up for it. Hopefully more to come if I can pull myself away from purplechess and other new features to 9p!

[/usr/rudi/Hello] 9p% go version
go version go1.18.3 plan9/amd64
[/usr/rudi/Hello] 9p% go build
[/usr/rudi/Hello] 9p% ./Hello
I'm not cool enough for C so I wrote this in Go
[/usr/rudi/Hello] 9p%


Back to Plan9

Hopefully now that 9p.sdf.org has stabilized, I'll be able to find the time to settle down and set up shop again! This time I'll be backing up my Plan9 configs and such to my SDF Storage so that if we need to reset again, I can start from a backup instead of from scratch. Huge thank you to SMJ for fixing my account so I could get started! I currently have a few things I want to work on after my Plan9 account is fully set back up as well. For example: I'd like to be able to post to this blog from 9p.sdf.org directly instead of accessing the SDF main hub first, that way I have access to the ACME editor! Also, I would like to be able to automate backups of my Plan9 profile (because I am exceptionally lazy and love automating things). It would also be interesting to be able to access Mastodon via Plan9, but that might be a little bit too advanced for a beginner like myself. Someday, maybe!