Going to probably be taking a break soon for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands release. I haven't been working on much lately anyway. Just a few updates to my Golang logging library, and maintaining some systems around my network. I've been trying to clean and organize the physical hardware running my network and for the most part it's been going well. It is just time consuming, and draining. I've also been trying to spend as much time outside as possible as I don't think there will be many opportunites to do so once Winter comes, given the Covid Shituation. I'm very pleased that Blizzard made a Linux-specific bug fix to World of Warcraft's authentication process, and I'm surprised they actually took the time to do it. Previously if you tried to click "play" from the Battle.net launcher, you would have to cancel the login and log in again using the game's login screen. However with Shadowlands, they patched it so Linux users specifically can click play and are automatically logged right in.


Foggy Future

Good morning/afternoon wherever you are :D I've been toying around with some fleet management software. Namely fog and salt. Recently I made default fog images for Ubuntu, CentOS, Manjaro, NixOS, and FreeBSD each with SSSD preconfigured so that deploying laptops/servers is as easy as connecting to the staging network. I also configured salt-minion on the images, so that they can easily be added into the saltstack. At my previous jobs I used salt extensively, it helps manage config files, and allows you to run commands on many hosts at once. I'm going to start looking for a usable GUI for salt, but have no problem using it on the command line. Not sure what I'll do next after setting up the GUI, but I'm sure it'll be nice :D


FOG Server, new toys!

Sorry I haven't been posting (not that I actually think anyone is reading this) however I recently acquired a new gigabit switch for my homelab, and have been integrating it. I now LACP two gigabit connections from my pfSense router into the SPF+ modules of the switch, using proper vlans for all ports, and I LACP'd the 4 ports on each of my 3 proxmox servers. It uses a good 23 out of my 24 available ports, but I still had one free port to use for staging- which brings me to my next point- FOG Server! I am attempting to update/improve my fog server images, and have been busy adding BSD images!


New skin!

Re-themed my website using some very basic bootstrap CSS, and added some tilde.club info. After a restage the other day, my plan9 VPS has been online for... well it says 15 days but I know it's been much less than that. Might be a bug. Either way, I'm going to be looking more into Plan9 again, and possibly some web development stuff. There's a new project in my SRC (link at top of page) using JavaScript to determine how much money you make per hour, if you're salaried (meaning per 24 hours, 7 days a week. Not just per hour of working)